Thursday, September 15, 2016

Transfer Otopeni airport Bucharest

If you are travelling in Romania and going for a Transfer Otopeni airport Bucharest with an international company I beg you to think twice, as the quality of the cars and the actual fleet is not as good as the one used by the local companies.

For instance, when I have arrived in Otopeni, I really had to struggle to get my  transfer from Avis (which in fact it is an international company that should have had a lot of cars, drivers and so on) but in fact we had to wait for over 1 hour in order to get our transfer with that company.

The experience with this company, with Avis was very bad - as in fact it was the worse ever, and I highly recommend anyone to avoid it and book a transfer with some other company - especially with a local one - like Rentcarwithdriver, which was a great surprise when we book our return transfer from Bucharest to the airport.

Our stay in Bucharest was very pleasant, as we enjoyed a lot the great food, we really liked the parks - Herastrau, and also the night life was thrilling, and the only issue with the city was that it was extremely crowded, which was bad - really bad from the point of view of someone that really likes to drive.

Finally - I have to say that my transfer back to the airport was simply great, as the car provided by Rentcarwithdriver was in fact a Mercedes luxury car, with nice windows and very luxuriant inside, which came as a great surprise.

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