Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tour Wizard – a detailed review

There was a very agitated period in our company, due to the market share loss and the decrease of increase of houses sold in our city (I know that this sounds very funny – but is in fact what the higher management says) → and it can be tragic to loose half of our team – unless we are going to basically double our results regarding sales comissions.

So this is why we actually started a couple of months ago to evaluate certain software solutions with a lot of attention on SAAS (software as a service solutions – but not only) and we have reached the conclusion that the market related to the virtual tours solutions is going to help us to sell more, to be more productive, to save our firm and to impress our customers.

Basically we are basing our assumptions that the software market has evolved and implies much more human interaction than before (even it is offered remotely, by email of by phone) also, the fact that this software solution is going to create a product which is in fact a presentation means that it would be wery good to have all the means of distributing the presentation through a couple of mediums – emails, social media, twitter, facebook, etc - (also email marketing, facebook, google, or to simply embed this solution on a certain website or blog).

The most important or rather relevant features of the Tour Wizard solution:

- online support 24/7
- themusic embed very easy to do
- hioghly customisable
- posibility to send email
- posibility to embed
- a couple ofways to promote the presentation
- 100% proactive guiding by our support team

To express a conclusion, we had a very big good surprise with the Tour Wizard software and by surprise I mean a very positive experience as this solution actually worked flawlessly, without any kind of issues, and when the tour was ready I was notified by the team to fix some things that I have missed – which is also great!

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