Saturday, August 22, 2015

Searching for the best real estate appraiser in Orange County

For years I have been in search for the best real estate appraiser in Orange County, California - you see in my everyday job I need to work with all sorts of appraisers from all kind of places all over California and beyond.

In the beginning I worked with several local companies, in fact I had a collaborator/appraiser in each city I was doing business in but in the long term I needed someone whom I could use on regular basis in my appraisal needs and someone who understood my schedule and the way I organize myself. That's when I started searching for a true professional that was able to do all the necessary tasks quickly and in an really professional manner.

During the last few years I went through at least 10 appraisers, as I was not able to collaborate with them in a professional way. There were always problems, delays and other things that did not allow me to conduct my business fast enough. Also, they all started out with a good attitude but eventually we had problems with them and their quality and turn time became substandard.

One day, I met Kevin Howell from Sammco Appraisal Group at the best 
Orange County Appraiser when I needed an appraisal in Orange County and none of my previous appraisers were answering the phone. I want to say that the experience with Kevin was extraordinary, and from that day I am working only with his company.

Doing business in California can be challenging, but sometimes you just find some great people like Kevin and you know that things are going to greatly improve. Kevin can be reached at 714 872 8770 or 949 566 8833

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Should I recommend fiverr... or not?

Well... a while ago I have heard about fiverr and I was thinking that it si absolutely crazy to do work for only 5$ - it is almost like working for free - and I have also being shocked by the fact that the online world is providing extremely cheap work, wich I found absolutely abnormal.

How could the serious local companies manage to be productive given the fact that the indian programmers are extremely cheap or people from other countries are also very cheap? I don't understand how can this be possible.

But now that I tried to sell various services on Fiverr I can say that it is even worse from a financial point of view, because fiverr gets 1$ from your earnings for each 5 you earn, which is 20% (A LOT).

But there are also some good things:
- I can get cheap labor if I want to hire
- I meet new people
- I enlarge my experience and I can fill out my spare time in a productive way

It just happens to...

Be sick and tired with the nasty weather in Berlin - last week it was definitely too hot, way to hot for this latitude, for the northern Europe (where it seems that no one is having air conditioning systems) and basically half of the city population was transformed into walking zombies that tried to run away from the hot (but where?).

Now - in just 3 days I can say that it is already autumn - and not any kind of automn, but it seems to be something like an late autumn, with temperatures barely passing over 15 degrees Celsius - which means that I already need to put a jacket on me.

I don't know how much I will be able to resist in Berlin's climatig area, but it is certainly a strange/changing environment.

Hopefully the winter will be more pleasant :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Using a click fraud detection system

In the latest weeks I have tries to find the perfect click fraud detection software that one would have been able to develor.
I tried to imagine how I would make the algorithms, how I would make the software work (with normal tracking, javascript tracking, automatic IP blocking and so on) and I was going in the search of the perfect solution that was able to detect click fraud for my website.

Finally I have found 5 pieces of software:
- XionaGrup
- AdsProtector
- ClickCease
- Improvely
-  AdWatcher

I need to say that the best thing would be to combine features from all of those software providers and ypu will get a nice tracking solution, but it still won't be enough, as each system has its ups and downs - probably the best thing would be Xiona, but I am not sure.

Also, if you want to detect click fraud for Bing (so I am leaving Google AdWords behind now) or let's say... Yandex you will shurely have a hard time finding those.

As for the conclusion - I think that I will let those solutions mature, and then talg again.