Monday, August 17, 2015

Using a click fraud detection system

In the latest weeks I have tries to find the perfect click fraud detection software that one would have been able to develor.
I tried to imagine how I would make the algorithms, how I would make the software work (with normal tracking, javascript tracking, automatic IP blocking and so on) and I was going in the search of the perfect solution that was able to detect click fraud for my website.

Finally I have found 5 pieces of software:
- XionaGrup
- AdsProtector
- ClickCease
- Improvely
-  AdWatcher

I need to say that the best thing would be to combine features from all of those software providers and ypu will get a nice tracking solution, but it still won't be enough, as each system has its ups and downs - probably the best thing would be Xiona, but I am not sure.

Also, if you want to detect click fraud for Bing (so I am leaving Google AdWords behind now) or let's say... Yandex you will shurely have a hard time finding those.

As for the conclusion - I think that I will let those solutions mature, and then talg again.

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