Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Should I recommend fiverr... or not?

Well... a while ago I have heard about fiverr and I was thinking that it si absolutely crazy to do work for only 5$ - it is almost like working for free - and I have also being shocked by the fact that the online world is providing extremely cheap work, wich I found absolutely abnormal.

How could the serious local companies manage to be productive given the fact that the indian programmers are extremely cheap or people from other countries are also very cheap? I don't understand how can this be possible.

But now that I tried to sell various services on Fiverr I can say that it is even worse from a financial point of view, because fiverr gets 1$ from your earnings for each 5 you earn, which is 20% (A LOT).

But there are also some good things:
- I can get cheap labor if I want to hire
- I meet new people
- I enlarge my experience and I can fill out my spare time in a productive way


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